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Ruff and Meow Professional Grooming Glove

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The Ruff and Meow Professional Grooming Glove is a fantastic and versatile grooming glove for most types of animals. It is a light de-shedding, a light de-matting tool, a washing mitt, a car seat hair remover and a massage glove. Even more important, the RMglovePro is so very gentle on even the most tender pet. Pets that have deep concern with the brush may covet the glove. One of our customers could not get his Jack Russell to withstand one brush stroke with a conventional brush and the dog will go retrieve the RMglovePro for the wife to rub him. It simply is a relationship builder and we love it dearly.

Flip the glove over on your hand and it is used as a washing glove to massage the soap deep into the coat and stroke the shed out as you rinse.

Each evening after a long day of playing in the park the RMglovePro offers to your pal a great  rub down as it invigorates the pet and massages sore muscles.

We love this tool and every Ruff and Meow handler has a RMglovePro close by when working with the “kids”.

This glove is approved cats, dogs and horses…. it spans most animals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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